You’ve Come a Long Way Baby


I’ve never been a huge fan of Hillary but I can’t deny how moved I am to wake up and see this in my news feed. After all my years as a woman on this earth, a radical, loud-mouthed, feminist woman, to have it dawn that this could really be a possibility is a stunning feeling. I’m surprised that I feel this way, and a little sad. This shouldn’t be a new idea to me yet it speaks volumes about my experience as an American woman.

I see the faces of the 90+ and below-10-year-old ladies watching a woman be nominated for President on tv and I am energized – those hollow words I’ve heard all my life that “you can do anything” feel a little more real. We can do this, and now more than ever we need to get it done. Maybe God knew it was going to take a woman to put things right, this year in particular.

Women are not dolls to be paraded around and shown off. We aren’t here to meet your sexual needs at the age of 12. We’re not servants, playthings, or someone to brush off on your way to more important things.

Women get the work done. We show up. We nurture. We bear witness. We calmly stream truth to the world while boyfriends are murdered in front of four-year-old daughters. We move on. We survive. We feed. We take whatever is handed to us and keep moving. We forgive. We protect. We teach. We raise sons to respect not just other women but people of all shapes and sizes. We are fearless. We run the world. It took Hillary an entire lifetime of work – and being harassed, bullied, intimidated, put down, and mocked – to make it to this point, to show all of us women from 6 to 96, that we really can make it. For that she has earned my respect and, yes – a little bit of awe.

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