Goodbye, Sunrise Bakery, I Loved You Well

Change comes hard and fast. Today I’m depressed over the closing of our bakery down the street – probably one of the best I’ve ever come across. It closed suddenly last week and I only heard about it because of an article in the paper. I had to read it twice before it sunk in (you know, maybe there was another Sunrise Bakery in town and they were talking about that one).

When the kids were little it was our Sunday morning tradition. Or Saturday, whatever. You never know when the urge for sugary buttery dough will hit. We would walk down with our littles and park their stroller (and later, scooters) out front. They would importantly pick their own juice or chocolate milk out of the cooler and bring it to the table of their choice. We’d have to make a quick exit as soon as the sugar kicked in, racing further down the hill toward the pond where they could run it off.

We’d also stop every time we were on our way out of town for a road-trip treat. Many posts on this blog were actually written while I sat there eating one of their hearty and delicious egg sandwiches on homemade bread (for $3.50!!! Unbelievable. Maybe their profit margin was too low).

They also used to make the best raspberry muffins I ever had, with a crispy, slighty-but-perfectly burned muffin top. Sadly, that dropped off the menu a while ago and trust me, I have missed and pined for them ever since. I guess there was a reason for the feeling I had that this was a short-lived decadence. That I wouldn’t always have the best raspberry muffin in the world a block from home, and I should savor every bite while they lasted.

My friend used to get her custom-made birthday cake there. Giant, flesh-colored, perfectly mounded boobs. Her daughter asked if she could have the nipple, rather than the flower or balloons. The first time she asked me to pick the cake up she didn’t tell me what it was to give me a surprise. I thought it was hilarious but my face still turned beet red when the old guys who hung out at the front of the store started hooting at it.

Rarely did you walk into that bakery and not know at least one person there. Or see some new person trying to decide and think, you are in for a treat.

Last time we were there I was debating over a cinnamon cruller or chocolate croissant, but then my son picked the M&M cookie and I had to have one too. If I’d known it was my last chance for that croissant I’m pretty sure I would have opted for it. And maybe bought out the stock and frozen them, saving them for special occasions only.

Speaking of hard-and-fast change, it’s back to school and I’m now walking only one son to school after the other gets on the bus. We’re both missing him and having to adjust to the difference. I opened my phone yesterday and noticed that my wallpaper is a picture of the two of them walking to school last year, with Younger laughing at something Older just said. That walk won’t happen again.

Change sucks. A chocolate croissant would really perk me up right about now. Dammit!!!

4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Sunrise Bakery, I Loved You Well

  1. nice article…didnt know about the bakery closing, I do remember you loving it (us too). Yet my Ginormica best friend….I love change, if we didn’t have change…I wouldn’t have you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Change is hard, but-when Younger is a little jeeber on the bus and in the big school, Older will be there to help him along. And you, my friend will have a beautiful “new” wallpaper! Life is full of new wallpaper, but never enough chocolate croissants.


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